Monday, August 25, 2008

And With That...

So I clearly haven't been posting on here very much lately. Sorry.

BUT, that doesn't mean I haven't been posting ridiculous things on the interwebs for public consumption.

I've just found a different venue.

So, without saying definitively that this will be my last Disgruntled Investor post, I hereby direct you to what will be, essentially, my new site.

Adam Johnson's Associated Content page!

That link again is:

Please check this page out, and bookmark it, as I will be posting much more frequently here. A few articles may look familiar to you, but most will be brand new. Plus, I get paid for every time you read it, so, there's that too. But, seriously, it's a great site, and not just for my articles. So, do it up, disgruntles.

Disgruntled Out...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Bo Jackson Cannot Be Stopped

Sorry about the previous bitter (read: drunken) post. Though I do agree with everything I said, it's not exactly light reading. Oh well.

Anyway, none of that today. Check out this article on my favorite website, ESPN (sorry, no more sarcasm, I promise). It's about all of the little frustrating things in sports video games. Like miraculous 4th quarter comebacks. And bench players suddenly getting hot and hitting 10 3's in a row. And needing an Al Saunders playbook sized manual to understand how to pitch a freaking curveball. Anyway, great article.

For me, the worst part about sports video games comes down to one word: holding. It's bullshit. BULLSHIT!!! Whenever I play Madden, and I'm at my own 1 yard line, back to the endzone, 3rd down, and decide to try to eke out some breathing room for my punter with a little run up the middle, or a sweep out to the side (a bit risky, that), and, following my lead blocker, who bulldozes two defenders, and juking and spinning, I find that suddenly I've broken free of everyone, and make a 99-yard sprint to the other endzone, making sure to highstep near the end, diving theatrically into the end zone for an awesome touchdown...(breath)...whenever I do this, WHENEVER I DO THIS, I know what's going to happen.

Holding, #78, Offense, half the distance to the goal-line, repeat 3rd down.

Turns out, I accidently hit the "holding" button on my controller.


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Means

So, reported today in this story that the daring rescue of several hostages, including three Americans and Ingrid Betancourt - who was a high-profile former Presidential candidate in Colombia - was performed under somewhat false pretenses. You see, wrapped up in the elaborate and rather clever plot to deceive the FARC captors, were a few individuals who wore bibs containing the symbol of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). This, it turns out, is an egregious deception that is, in fact, a war crime, as laid out in the ICRC charter and international law. In effect, in rescuing these hostages, who suffered countless horrific personal horrors during their 5+ years in captivity by the leftist group, the Colombian government broke international law.

To which I say:


It's not a surprise at all to me that CNN is nitpicking this operation; the only surprise to me is that it took them this long to do it. You see, these uber-liberal organizations like CNN, MSNBC, CBS, Huffington Post, ACLU,, and the like, don't care at all about the end result of things - even if the end result is a universally accepted and praised outcome (like, for instance, the rescue of these hostages). No, to these groups, what's more important is HOW the result came about. Or, to put it more simply, they care more about the means than the ends. Creative thinking is not something that fits into their overall philosophy. And yet, of course, these are the same groups that chastised the Bush administration for a lack of creative thinking in lambasting them for failing to prevent 9-11.

But, that aside, CNN has really overstepped their bounds here. Though I'm not the only one to point this out about this story, it's still really irresponsible of CNN to do this. They note that their reporting of this story may make it more difficult for ICRC members to operate in war zones in the future. You think??? Of course it is going to be.

But, here's the crazy thing about it - there was no gun to CNN's head that said they had to report on this particular method! Don't act like Colombia is the irresponsible one here - you (CNN) are literally putting lives at stake by your "scoop." Kudos and Huzzah, assholes!

Without a doubt, my little blog that no one reads isn't going to influence CNN or other media organizations at all. Not only will they not take any notice, but few other people will either. But, even if I were a multi-million hit a day website, CNN, et al would not change their philosophy on the matter. It doesn't matter to them (Newsweek is particularly bad on this front, by the way) whether they are putting lives at stake with shady reporting, as long as they receive their viewers and/or readers, that's all that matters.

It makes me sick. Rot in hell, CNN.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Am Offended By This Post

There is nothing I despise more than when the actions of a small, ultra-sensitive, easily offended minority (as in group of people, not race of people) ruins things for the rest of us who have a normal sense of humor about things. When Janet Jackson (sort of) showed her boob (not really her nipple, though) during the Super Bowl, these groups went absolutely apeshit. Forget about the fact that I see more boob on the Discovery Channel, or walking around in malls, or giving "guest lectures" in local high school bathrooms, than Janet "showed" (or Justin Timberlake revealed). The fact remains, there is a devoted group of assholes who spend all their time watching far more television than most normal people just to fulfill their self-appointed role as morality police. Whose morality sets the standard doesn't matter - they are the morality police, dammit, and that's that.

Which brings me to the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

When the morality police, enraged with outrage at Bart Simpson saying "man!" and apparently paralyzed and unable to change the channel, figure out how to either turn on their computer or string letters together via their ink quill, they typically send their complaints in to our government's morality police, the FCC. As a government executive-level agency, the FCC is bound by the FOIA, and are thus under the obligation to respond to requests for copies of complaints they have received for specific shows.

So, as a service to my disgruntled reader(s?), I give you...


Enjoy, it's pretty hilarious. It's also a good episode guide if you need to catch up.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Remember When We Used To Blog?

It's Wednesday, so I'm bringing back my semi-semi-weekly clip of

This is my favorite commercial of all time, featuring two of my three favorite pitchers of all time (sadly, no cameo from John Smoltz). For a nerd, Maddux was lights-out as a pitcher.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Amazing Larry

My Disgruntled Brother has a blog! It's the top link on section.

Check this shit out.

Starring Asshole Deep

Last Friday night, I was taking the Disgruntled Dog out for a pee (or a fake pee so she can fool me into giving her a treat - joke's on you dog, baby carrots are good for you!) When I got back inside, I saw that I had a voicemail from Ete Packley. It said:

"Disgruntled Investor, this is Ete Packley. Um...we're all getting a bit impatient waiting for the sneak preview of Slumlord, featuring the line, "Asshole Deep." Umm........................................(long pause)...........................could it?"

Thanks for waiting bitches, here's your sneak preview, featuring the talent of Asshole Deep.

Setting this up -

After enduring countless weiner tenant complaints and a rapidly sinking real estate market, Ben, who is one disgruntled investor, calls his realtor, Dick, to find out how he thinks the market is doing. Later in this, you'll meet Todd, who's based on my friend Kyle, a former co-worker of mine who's always got some crazy scheme for making money. Anyway, that's who that is. Hope you like. Oh, and please note that the formatting is a bit askew, but, that's cut and paste for you.

Ben is sitting at his desk, wearing a blue shirt, red tie,and khaki pants. Backlogged work is piled even higher on his desk than before, but in front of Ben, and taking his full attention, are notepads on which are written Ben’s increasing debts and budgets for the remaining months of the year. The notepad has a lot of minus signs on them. Ben is biting on his nails while he waits for Dick to answer the phone. Finally, Ben’s eyebrows raise and a hopeful look appears on his face as Dick picks up the phone.

Dick! Hey, man, I’ve been trying
to get a hold of you all week.
How’s it going?

Dick is in his office, which has two computers, numerous plaques for real estate excellence on the walls, and bookshelves full of “How To Sell Real Estate” type books. The floor is littered with papers, and Dick, holding the phone between his head and shoulders, is taking clumps of these papers and feeding them into a shredder.

Oh, good, good. Yeah, everything’s
going really well, Ben. How about


Um...alright, I guess. What’s that
noise in the background?

Dick continues to shred papers, at an almost frantic pace.

What? Oh, nothing, just, uh,
vacuuming around here. You know,
trying to get the house looking
good. Cat’s got it all messed up
and all. So, what can I do for
you, Ben?


Well, I was just calling to see how
things were going in the real
estate world. Specifically, how
are things looking over by my
house? I’m really hoping to be
able to move it here fairly soon.
These tenants are getting to be a
pain in the ass and I’m getting a
little nervous about this market.

Ben gives a nervous chuckle.

Dick’s house is a rather large single-family home - almost to the point of being a mansion. It is red brick, three stories, and two Hummers are parked in the driveway. Dick is attaching a sign reading “Price Sharply Reduced!” to a “For Sale” sign in the yard.

The market? Um...well you might
want to hold onto the place for a
little while longer.

Ben is somewhat taken aback at this answer, clearly not what he wanted to hear.

Wha...really? It’s already been a
few months now, I thought you said
it was a minor correction that’d
just take a few weeks to work
itself out.

Dick stands in front of the sign, looking increasingly nervous and anxious.

DICK, I’m not sure what you
want me to say here, Ben. I don’t
control the market.


Well, I mean I know that, I just
thought...well, nevermind. How
long do you think it’ll be before
it turns around. I mean, we’re
talking months, not years, right?

Dick has re-entered his house, and is now in his living room. It is very large, with a fireplace, and a 52-inch flat screen television on the wall above it. Three leather couches flank a glass table, on which a porcelain vase with a flower arrangement sit. Several large moving boxes are also in the room, some half-filled with items from the house. Dick is clearly preparing to move out of the house.

Could be months, could be years,
could be never, who knows? Now
might not have been a good time to
get in, in retrospect. But, if you
hold on to it, you should end up
alright. You’ve got some time.
You’ve got all the rooms filled up,


Yeah, but...

Dick starts talking again before Ben can finish. As he’s talking, he puts together another cardboard box.

So, you’ll be fine. Anyway, good
luck with all that, and let me know
how it all turns out, ok?


Wait, what do you mean? You’re
still going to help me sell the
place, right?


DICK, sorry, I’m getting out of
this town. Anyway, I’ve gotta go,
got some stuff to do, but, again,
good luck.

Dick flips his cell phone shut.


But wait...

DIAL TONE sounds.

Ben sits in disbelief at what’s he’s heard. He’s all alone in this endeavor now. Todd walks in the door.

Hey man, let’s do that new Asian
fusion place for lunch. It’s a bit
pricey, but I heard the waitresses
are hot!

Ben looks distractedly over at Todd, then back to staring at the wall.

It’s never going to end. I’m in
asshole deep now.

Todd looks confused.

TODD, anyway, the restaurant is
not in a great location, so it
might not be there forever. That’s
why we’ve gotta get there while we
still can. Hot Asian women! C’mon

Ben snaps back into reality and sighs.

Alright. They take credit cards,

Todd shrugs, and Ben starts to gets up, when his cell phone rings. Ben looks at it and sees that it’s Leslie calling.

Shit, hey man, I’ll come by your
office, ok, I’ve gotta take it.
It’s one of my wiener tenants.

Alright, good luck, man.

Todd walks out of the office, as Ben answers the phone and walks over to the window.

Hi Leslie, what’s up?

And, as you might guess, Leslie's got a complaint that's going to be a gigantic pain in the ass for our hero, Ben. If you guys want to read the whole thing (it's 86 pages), and let me know what you think, you can pop me an email. Otherwise, you can wait till it gets on the big screen and I'm rich, beotch.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Do Not Pass Go

Stay tuned for a sneak preview of "Slumlord"...starring, Asshole Deep as...a line in the movie!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Obama's Not An Elitist, Just An Asshole College Kid

Ah, well this changes everything. I'm definitely voting for him now. If their collars were up I'd even donate to his campaign!

Thx, Daily Gut!

P.S. A vote for Obama is a vote against little girls with cerebral palsy!

Revenge of the Landlords

So I just read an article linked on Drudge Report, which appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle's website, about some landlords who are FAR more disgruntled than I am. Unfortunately, they (SFChron) have disabled copy/paste on their site, thus negating my illegal copying ways, but the article is definitely worth a read (follow the link above).

Essentially, this couple, fed up with their weiner tenants (and their "demands" for electricity, reasonable rent prices, floors), took matters into their own hands. Considering my tenants have been violating my person for the last three years, this is a dangerous article for me. Maybe the weiner complaints would suddenly cease if I started sawing through their floor.

No, they probably wouldn't. Nuts.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

My Anus is Bleeding!

Hey, got 9 minutes 21 seconds to spare? So do I! Enjoy this!

Friday, April 4, 2008

Random Filler

It's rare that I get the opportunity to rip off not one, but two independent sources, but I'm doing just that today.

My friend, the Blogadier General (Blog. Gen., 2nd class), himself ripped off the AV Club (a not great site) feature - "Random Rules" - where they get some "indie" celebrity to go through their IPod (since IPods are cool) and, with the song list set to random (hence the name of the feature), they comment on the song that shows up, usually with a witty anecdote from their professional or pre-professional lives. Here's what happened when the Blog. Gen. did this.

So, anyway, I decided to do the same today, since I'm kind of bored and think it's an interesting idea. Quick note - I don't have an IPod, I have a SanDisk Sansa e260. Eat that, Apple.

Here goes:

1.) Count Basie - "Jumpin' At The Woodside"
Ah, a classic from my bootleggin' days. I've got a million jazz songs on my MP3 player, mostly from Miles Davis. This song features a young Miles, back when he was in Basie's orchestra.

That's all I got.

2.) Soungarden - "Ty Cobb"
Down On The Upside is easily in my top 5 favorite albums of all time. I could (and do) listen to it all the time. The title track might be one of my top 5 favorite songs of all time. I hear Stone Temple Pilots is getting back together - what about these guys??

When this album came out, I was in high school, driving a "classic" 1984 Toyota Tercel hatchback. It was so old and rusted that the words "Toyota" and "Tercel" had long since fallen off the back hatch. Pieces of it would fall off when I closed the hatch. I loved that car. Anyway, I used to give my friends in the neighborhood a ride in to school every day, and this one guy David used to insist that we start the ride listening to this song. It is a pretty great song. So, he would always sing annoyingly along and act like he was playing the drums (yeah, he was that guy), and when the chorus came along, instead of the actual words ("Hard-headed, fuck you all!") he would yell out, "I'm ready to fuck you all!" He thought those were the words. I kept trying to tell him that that didn't make any sense and even showed him the lyrics in the liner notes, but he was still convinced his version was right.

Along with Offspring's "Bad Habit", this is the best song to listen to while stuck in traffic.

3.) Smashing Pumpkins - "Today (live acoustic version)"
Not much to say about this song, it's a good one. I actually saw the Pumpkins play their last show before the keyboardist OD'ed and they kicked their drummer, James Chamberlain, out. Now he's back with the band, and their music sucks!

4.) DJ Shadow - "Organ Donor (Extended Version)"
My little brother got me into Shadow, along with RJD2 and Madlib, last year. This is off Shadow's Endtroducing... album, the double CD version. Specifically, this version of "Organ Donor" is on the 2nd CD. I actually like this version better than the one on the first CD, but I like that one as well. I've definitely entered a phase in my life where I'm more into DJ-driven tracks, like Shadow, RJD2, St. Germain, Stereolab. It's a good phase to be in, I think. Anyway, great track - might end up being the best song on this list.

5.) Less Than Jake - "9th and Pine"
When I was in high school, and to some extent in college, LTJ was my favorite band. I definitely went through a ska phase, and these guys were the best. For a while, though, all I listened to was Jake, Hepcat, Skatalites, Pietasters, Rancid, Mustard Plug, and so on and so forth. I would attend every Vans Warped Tour, get into it with the moshers (despite weighing about a buck twenty). I even had my hair shoulder length. I was so cool.

The first time I saw these guys live, I got pulled over (in my Tercel) for being a suspected narcotics dealer. True story. My friend got slammed against the car by the cop. Turns out we had accidentally stumbled into the top narcotics zone in DC. Oops. Anyway, as it happened, they were mistaken in their belief of our being drug lords. But, on the plus side, at least they were dicks about it!

Anyway, this song is off their best album, Losing Streak. The best song on this album is "Johnny Quest Thinks We're Sellouts."

Incidentally, Less Than Jake is the Blogadier General's favorite band!

6.) Less Than Jake - "Jen Doesn't Like Me Anymore"
Awesome. And really, I only have this one album on the MP3 player. I like how the chorus to this one develops at the end: "Jee-e-e-e-e-e-en, no she doesn't fucking like me anymore." I miss the simpler songs.

7.) Blind Melon - "Rebirth (Demo)"
Hmm. Blind Melon's one of my favorite bands of all time, but this song (and this recording) isn't that great. Not sure how it made it on there, except that I'm such a Melon fanboy. I just saw them live with their new lead singer a couple months ago. They sounded great, can't wait for the new album.

8.) Beatles - "Yellow Submarine"
The Beatles were at their best when they were stoned out of their minds. Really stoned out of their minds. The other Beatles songs on my player are "Strawberry Fields" and "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds." My favorite part of this song is when Paul starts drunkenly parroting everything Ringo sings. I bet that pissed Ringo off good.

9.) Handsome Boy Modeling School - "The World's Gone Mad"
Featuring Alex Kapranos and Del the Funkee Homosapien. Love this song. It's the best song off of White People.

Del, of course, is the nerdy cousin of Ice Cube. I bet a thousand years from now, when aliens rule our planet and runaway slave humans congregate in the sewers, trying to keep away from the watchful eyes of robot police, Del will seem a lot more "gangsta" and "hard" than Ice Cube.

10.) Robert Johnson - "Preaching Blues"
Great way to end this. My fourth year of college, we had a summer roommate named Catfish (named after the fish, not the pitcher). He got me into Robert Johnson, as he was taking a summer class on the famed blues guitarist/singer/wife beater.

Hey, don't get uppity with me - Johnson sings about beatin' his woman on nearly every song! On "Me and the Devil Blues," he notes, "I'm going to beat my woman til I get satisfied." God, I love this album.

Anyway, we used to listen to his Robert Johnson box set all the time. It was pretty great. Pretty great summer, actually, now that I think about it.

Alright, well that's that. Hope you weren't bored to tears. Shit, I enjoyed it, that's all that matters.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The Circus

This is what I'm talking about below, absolutely ridiculous "activist" bullshit from local idiots that only hurts kids.

They're trying to take the circus away from kids!

Now how is a new generation of kids supposed to develop an irrational fear of clowns?

Here's my favorite part of the article:

"To see a bear ride a bicycle, it is ridicule. You're really just laughing at that bear," said Mel Levine, a renowned pediatrician at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who has written numerous books about child behavior and the way children learn. "So the question is: What's the message you're giving to kids when you take them to the circus and they laugh at animals? I think to laugh at animals is to devalue them."

Hehehehehehehehehe!!! Seriously?? A bear on a bicycle!! Hehehehehe!!! I'm giggling like a schoolgirl just writing that! I need to get me to the circus if that's what's going on there!


Before I get into what I've gotten on to write about, I just wanted to pass along another classic quote from my friend Mike, who's been a somewhat regular contributor to the Disgruntled Blog. He and I are in a fantasy baseball league together, and I was lucky enough to pick up the Red Sox's set up man - Hideki Okajima - for $1 (it's an auction league). Okajima is great because he provides a strikeout or two a game, a low ERA and WHIP, and the occasional spot win or save (he recorded the first win of the major league season this year). Bargain pickup at $1.

Anyway, got this in an email from Mike this morning:

"Also, I had some spare time and realized your boy Okajima has the perfect name to go with the Sanford and Son theme. Try it:

Okajima is the man, Okajima
Okajima gets them out from the bullpen"

Next up, Al Qaeda's #2 says they do not kill innocent people. So, at least we don't have THAT to worry about anymore. What a relief!

So, Arlington, Virginia...

This morning, I was walking from a parking garage to the building where I work in Rosslyn, and as I was waiting for the light to change, a school bus pulls up just past the intersection. A large group of elementary school students were waiting by the side of the road, and as the bus pulled up, they moved slightly into the street to board the bus. As the bus stopped, its stop sign swung out on the left hand side, as all school buses do, requiring (by law) all cars behind the bus to stop and wait while the kids get on the bus. This, of course, is done primarily for the kids' safety.

Despite all of that, about six cars, full of road raged commuters, in the lanes in back of the bus decided to speed ahead - quite recklessly so I might add - shooting angry glances and obscene gestures at the school bus as they did so. The drivers seemed infuriated that the bus would stop in front of them. The school bus driver honked the horn incessently to indicate that, no, in fact they had to stop, but the cars kept going, until finally one car stopped and all the cars in back of it stopped as well. At this point the kids got on the bus, and after a minute of this, the bus's stop sign swung back, and the bus (and the cars in back of it) was on its way.

What struck me about this incident is not that it was unusual, but that it seemed totally par for the course in this area. I looked over at the other people waiting on the sidewalk with me, and though they clearly noticed what was taking place, they seemed totally unfazed by it.

And why not? Arlington is infamous for its drivers failing to yield to emergency vehicles, for example. I've witnessed this many times, and have also seen more drivers than not make turns or lane changes without looking (often while talking on their cell phones, in their SUV's or luxury cars).

But what's worse is that this problem is not confined to Arlington - it's actually more of a metro-DC phenomenom. I've been to many places around the country and around the world, and I've never (not even in Europe) seen such a self-centered group of assholes as I see on a daily basis in this area.

And it's not confined to drivers (though they are the worst). This weekend the Disgruntled Girlfriend and I had brunch at Teaism in Dupont Circle with her cousin. Her cousin is about six months pregnant, and definitely showing (the kid's a future linebacker, by the looks of it). Teaism was pretty crowded, and if you've been there before, you know there's not a plethora of seats there. Despite that, however, we saw many people finished with their meals/beverages, and were fairly confident that once we got our food, we'd be able to get a table.


The people kept sitting there, occasionally glancing over at the very pregnant, probably uncomfortable (but good-natured about it) woman carrying her tray hoping for a seat. No one offered a seat, no one offered to get a door for her. Again, pretty par for the course in the area, but a good descriptive anecdote nonetheless.

My point in all of this is that I'm getting pretty fed up with things here. There are clearly too many people for the accomodations in the area (as evidenced by the traffic and total lack of parking, for one), and the people moving into the area seem to be trending more (not less) pretentious, uncaring, asshole. My boss thinks it's more of a "city" problem than a NoVa problem, but I'm not sure. Everywhere I go in this area, be it Arlington, Alexandria, DC, Southern Maryland (just kidding, I never go there), I'm surrounded by pricks who care more about being trendy, hipster, save-the-earth-by-eating-organic-because-I-can-afford-it than giving two shits about the person standing next to them. It's just getting tiring, is all.

All I'm saying is show some common courtesy other people. Please.

Me so disgruntled.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


So I'm reading War and Peace, by a Russian fellow named Leo Tolstoy. The version I'm reading (Oxford World's Classics, translated by Louise and Aylmer Maude) is about 1300 pages long. I mentioned to my boss (government boss) today that I'm attempting to read this book, and his response was, "What? Why? There's too many characters in that! You should just watch the movie!" If he thinks the book is long and tedious, how long and tedious would the movie be?!?!? Anyway, I'm on page 129, and the library book is due on April 8. By my calculations, I have to read 97.58 pages every day (starting tomorrow) in order to finish the book by the due date. I'm thinking I'll probably end up renewing it at least a couple times. I'm not only disgruntled, I'm pretty busy (and lazy) as well.

Speaking of which, there was a time when I used to post something nearly every day. Well, since I've switched job sites, I've gone from doing almost no work and having my own private office, to being swamped with work (albeit very interesting work) and working in a cubicle open to a very high traffic area. I can't post at work like I used to, and I especially can't post YouTube videos or other NSFW material. Big Brother is watching me in a big way - sometimes my cursor even moves on its own! So, anyway, that's my explanation for that.

Finally, two nights ago I went to see The Presidents of the United States of America at the 9:30 Club here in DC, with a friend of mine that I've known since before PUSA was even around. They were, as expected, incredibly fun, and put on one of the better shows I've been to. Afterwards, my friend (The Disgruntled Soldier, in case you were wondering) and I started talking about how crazy it was that we just saw a band that we would have loved to have seen back in 1995. A couple months ago, I saw Blind Melon at the State Theatre in Falls Church (new lead singer, of course), and it was both bizarre and very fulfilling. Anyway, so it got us thinking - what other bands would it be somewhat surreal to see, in the same manner that PUSA and Blind Melon (who were awesome live, btw, the new lead singer is enough like Shannon Hoon, and enough not like him, to make him a perfect new lead singer) was. Here's a partial list of the bands we came up with: Toadies, Collective Soul, Soundgarden, Stone Temple Pilots, Crash Test Dummies, Coolio, Candlebox, Cracker. Man, it'd be crazy to see those guys live, kicking it like it was 1995. They could be introduced onstage by Dan Cortese! (Sorry, for the younger readers, this is Dan Cortese. Yes, it's true, even Dan Cortese has his own Wikipedia page. Here's a page with his picture.)

Finally finally, for those of you wondering about the screenplay for "Slumlord," I've got a very detailed full outline completed, and 12 pages of the actual screenplay written. My goal is to have a complete first draft by the end of April. Let me know if you want me to write you into the movie.

Gee! Disgruntled out.